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mindfullyfed's fall cleanse
sept 26 - october 7, 2016
for many of us, back-to-school signifies a new season, 
perhaps even a new year. it's a perfect time to recalibrate 
and re-energize your body with a nourishing cleanse. 

summer offers long warm days, and many of us over-indulge in foods + drinks that burden the liver, the body's natural detoxifier. 

fall cleansing helps to: 
 - flush your liver of stored toxins
 - strengthen your immune system 
 - center you as you prepare for fall and then winter.

mindfullyfed's fall cleanse incorporates nourishing foods 
and self-care techniques that heal and support 
your entire body, mind, and spirit. 

it offers time-out from some of those habits that sabotage 
your health and well-being. and it allows you to pause 
and make space for nurturing practices so that you can flow through the seasons with ease. 
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