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health + life coaching
enjoy the benefits of having a personalized health coach to 
help you create an energized, balanced, and fulfilling life. 

mindfullyfed believes that you are the one expert in your life who 
truly knows who you are - and what you need. you are the one who
can recognize what is absolutely best for you.  

mindfullyfed is a designated alliance between you and your coach, 
where the relationship is designed to give all the power back to you 
and helps you discover what your personal best can be. 

we are here simply to help you connect your head and your heart 
in a way that transforms your passions and dreams into action 
for your life.

choose whether you want to meet in person or via phone, 
which ever fits your schedule. you’ll receive one full hour 
of undivided attention and support. you can schedule sessions 
to meet anywhere from 2x/week to 2x/month, based on your needs. 

here's a look at our offerings:

15-minute health check-ins 

30-minute health coaching sessions 

30-minute life coaching sessions

50 minute health + life coaching sessions

wellness coaching